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Hottest Stuff Under the Clouds Today:

"BOMBS" - Music video for Trey Johnson's track "Bombs", from the new CD "Where the East Ends"

"Cigar Box Amplifier" - Here's a groovy little guitar amp in a cigar box. With vocals by blues legend Dingleberry Brown.

"Motherless Child" - an entire song written on a 1968 Teisco Del Rey, recorded into Pro Tools, and it's all on video. Bonus: vocals by Tunisian jazz singer Wafa Ghorbal.

1984 USA Fender Strat: The most underrated Strat of all time - awesome guitar!

Zounds Sounds School of Rock Video: Web ad for Zounds Sounds - shot with the Nikon D90.

Pro Tools on da Cheap: Everything you ever wanted to know about getting started with Pro Tools, for as little coin as possible!