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Teisco-Kay Ep-8T wiring Diagram

One of the kool kids at the VintAxe Forum messaged me about wiring for the EP-8T. Since I am awesome, I opened mine up for a photo and made a diagram. And thus here it is for you Teisco-restorers. Hit me back if I have made any errors!



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5 comments to Teisco-Kay Ep-8T wiring Diagram

  • Paul

    I know this may not be the correct place sate my request. I am not much of a blogger so apologies in advance. I have too issues.
    1) I found a guitar in the attic, i am told it is a teisco, but I find no marking to indicate what it is. How else might I know?
    2) I need a bridge to bring it back to life (electronics seem to work), the bridge posts are intact but there width is 2-23/32 inchs (a small lower neck) and requires a specific curve to match the neck and pickups. The common post width seems to be 2-29/32 inchs.
    Any advice or direction to find a bridge would be helpful.

  • Cloudy

    To ID your guitar - start by posting photos and a request on JapanAxe. Lots of guys in the know there.

    Teisco manufactured guitars for all kinds of brands and companies, so many Tiesco guitars may have different logos on them.

    As for finding a bridge… check eBay. For a while there was a guy selling a repro bridge that works great on one of mine. Instead of the rollers to set intonation, it was more like a gibson tune-o-matic. If you check the string spacing, your guitar may actually work OK with a gibson bridge - you’ll have to pull the Teisco posts (all of them I’ve seen use a screw-in plate vs. the gibson style posts though). For removing tiny screws on an old guitar, try warming them with a soldering iron, a little WD-40, etc. I’ve found pulling the tremolo can result in a few broken screws, if they’ve been on their for 30 or 40 years.

  • Rome

    I followed the diagram for my Ep-8T, but for some reason I still cant get the neck pick up to work..the bridge set up works fine but when I have both switches on, it cuts out for both. It seems that I can only have the bridge on and that’s it..Does that make sense? Thanks for your help.

  • Sourdough

    How are the switches supposed to function?
    I just bought one of these and a ground wire is broken. When i get the pickups to work, the switches don’t work according to any logic.
    I don’t know if mine is factory or if somebody screwed with things.

  • Cloudy

    Each switch turns one pickup on or off. So, both off and there’s not output at all, or turn on just the bridge, just the neck, or both pickups.

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